About the Art

Dave Alber’s artwork is about myth and medium.

His compositions are translucent to mythological themes. They are translucent because the participant is given a glimpse into the simultaneity of the present moment, the artistic vision, and the mythological theme underlying the work. This mythological communion is about breaking down the walls that separate artist from participant, participant from subject, subject from mythological themes, and mythological themes from participant. Mythological communion is about seeing into the nature of reality. It’s about recognizing everything around us as symbolic transmissions of the eternal values of myth.

Whether printed in opaque ink or drawn in charcoal, Alber’s compositions are translucent in medium. They are translucent because each medium is specific to achieving an experience of mythological communion within the work. Alber works in acrylic, charcoal, mixed media, and a variety of printmaking techniques. He believes that the artist and participant themselves must be translucent mediums if they are to experience and transmit an expression of eternal values.

Being present is being a medium for eternal values. That is the point to the work.

Copyright Dave Alber, 2017.